Like every young Canadian boy, hockey was a wonderful part of my childhood. I grew up spending hours practicing on outdoor rinks dreaming about becoming an NHL star. With hard work, perseverance and dedication, I made it to the NHL.

Another highlight in my hockey career was winning the silver medal at the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France. Looking back, I traveled everywhere and experienced so much, yet I rarely felt I played with enjoyment. I was never truly present to fully take my life as an athlete.

I often felt anxious and unfocused! I compensated by working harder and trying to be perfect. I spent most of my energy trying to manage my fears so I could appear strong. I recall sleepless nights, my stomach tied in knots and my mind racing wondering when I was going to crack. Deep inside me I knew there was a better way to live! I knew I had the ability to choose more empowering thoughts. I always wanted to be an NHL player so why did I struggle so much?

I developed resiliency through my struggle. I always believed I could grow and develop myself in order to be a confident human being. As a teenager, I read many books, explored different modalities such as Tai Chi, Reiki, Meditation, Pilates and Yoga to empower myself. This wasn’t something I shared openly, I didn’t want others to see my weaknesses.

I am grateful to have taken this path. Today, I realize that growth and expansion is never ending; scientific research shows that just by having a growth mindset, you increase neural growth and plasticity in the brain. This has a huge impact in the way you move through life. Many people play it safe because they believe they are limited by their genetic makeup. That is partly true, yet the reality is that we can improve in almost anything if we focus on it long enough with the right energy.

If my words touch you, I would love to support you in living a more charged and meaningful life.

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