I recently went to an indoor trampoline playground with my children. We spent several hours jumping on trampolines. I attempted to do somersaults while landing in a pile of big foam cubes, pretty hard thing to learn at the age of 47! My son can already do somersaults with ease; after several visits my daughter was doing them with style! I was covered in sweat 30 minutes later, what a blast I remember thinking to myself! Most parents watched their kids in a seating lounge. In the past I would assume that this was something that only kids can enjoy; today I believe that sharing in activities your children enjoy can help you become more alive.

Over the years I have explored the area of personal development; what I have come to realize is that it is never too late to connect to the inner child that wasn’t allowed to express himself in childhood. The child has never really left!

Children move with flow and ease because their minds and bodies have not yet been conditioned by fear and rigid rules that get in the way of expressing one’s true self. Children are very connected to emotions, feelings and sensations in the body. Today we know that the heart is an intuitive organ that emits the strongest electromagnetic field in the body. The heart is closely linked to our intuition and our feelings; this is what helps us understand the world beyond logic and therefore is the key to understanding the spiritual aspects of ourselves. Children feel their world and trust their intuition much more than adults; you can observe that when a child meets a stranger, they feel comfortable or not! Kids have fewer subconscious blocks; their way of behaving is more natural. They have not yet moved into their heads and conceptualized life; that is why I believe they learn so effortlessly!

The challenge as we get older is regaining what we have lost! Most of us make decisions and choices solely based on intellectual thinking that has been conditioned by concepts, rules and beliefs that limit our potential. Thinking in itself is useful but most of our thoughts are repetitive and come from negative patterns, 80% of our thoughts are the same. Our thoughts and emotions become our story!
This cycle gets anchored in our subconscious mind!

Failure isn’t something scary! It is programmed to be!

We have so many theories and beliefs about life yet very few people feel clarity and fulfillment in their lives. Children do! Children are alert! They live in the moment!
They enjoy their lives!

As adults, most lives become a series of obligations, which leave us feeling empty and disconnected. Depression, burnout, movement limitations, health issues and old age plagued with suffering are seen as normal. Instead we could learn from our children on how to truly live.

Here is how to rekindle more aliveness and reconnect to the child within!

Visualize by looking into the window of your home as a child. See the child in the window!
Were you appreciated as a child? Let the child inside you know that from this moment on you will embrace him.
It is now safe to play and enjoy my life. Make this your Mantra!

Write down ways to stimulate and nurture your inner child. Take action by engaging in activities that make you fearful. It might be singing, dancing or simply climbing a tree! Learn to take risks in order to help reconnect to the child in you. Make sure you integrate playfulness in everything you do!

Learn to look at failure through the eyes of a child! Turn fear into excitement!

Relearn to breathe like a child, deep and full! Take time to breathe consciously!
Breathe in life through your nose and let go of anything that doesn’t feel authentic to you.

Become aware of the patterns that keep you from expressing who you truly are.
Notice where you live emotionally, notice what frequent thoughts come up for you?
Your thoughts do not define you! Raise the vibration and quality of your emotions! Joy,Excitement…

If someone says something that triggers negative emotions in you, observe how this makes you feel versus simply reacting to the words, change the meaning you give the words.
This is the part in you that has been wounded! We have all been wounded; it is part of being human.

Visualize how you would respond the next time if you had so much love inside you.
For example if you have a tendency to withdraw and feel small when someone speaks to you in a certain tone, visualize staying open, engaged and confident! How would this new response change your life and your relationships?

Go once step further by developing a ritual before bedtime by closing your eyes and breathing into your heart. Feel your heart and connect to it every evening before you go to bed. Feel emotions like gratitude and love! I believe that accessing your heart will directly connect you to your inner child.
A child loves unconditionally!

Today we know that accessing our heart’s intelligence can bring us many health benefits.
As you get better at living from your heart, your inner child will come alive!
You will give yourself permission to be who you truly are!

Live with wonder!