I am presently taking the core 100 coaching program and I am fascinated by Tony Robbins way of shifting people out of negative conditioning. He often makes reference to a pattern called crazy eight.

What is it?

The crazy eight is a pattern between two states or emotions. Let me give you an example: A person enters a state of sadness/depression in order to connect with himself/herself. Most of the time, this is done unconsciously. After a while this state leaves the person feeling depleted, unworthy and low on energy. Eventually most people attempt to make a shift to regain control by moving to frustration or anger, which makes them feel stronger and more significant. This is good for a while but unsustainable. So most travel back and forth from sadness/depression to frustration/anger/blame. This is how the pattern sustains itself.

Tony Robbins explains that many individuals try to move down away from the pattern by seeking relief with alcohol, gambling, drugs, overeating or any other addictions that help them escape the emotional roller-coaster.

The real way out is to explore what needs this pattern brings you? What are the beliefs, patterns and habits fueling these emotional states?

The key is to meet those needs in more positive ways.

My personal experience has brought me to live in a much more conscious way. I have worked hard on creating a foundation of stillness in order to allow emotions to surface, as they will. This allows me to notice the beliefs that have been consciously and unconsciously conditioned within my mind. It has allowed me to release the fears and the emotional charge behind this mistaken identity. Today, I rarely get drawn into my mind’s drama. I realize I have a choice in sustaining the old, I choose to create new models to live by, which are more authentic and empowering to me.

This process is uncomfortable in the beginning but living, never truly knowing who you are is a meaningless life. Imagine never experiencing passion, focus, connection, gratitude, empathy, fulfillment and lasting joy. An authentic love for your life.

What you gain is well worth the struggle!

Sharing from the heart,