Too many of us give up too soon on a project or dream. Right around the corner, a breakthrough waiting to happen as evidence that the universe is responsive. I believe part of the reason why many of us are not living the lives we would like to is that unconsciously we don’t believe we actually can. How many times do you hear parents, teachers and people who chose to not follow their passion say: that is not a real job or that is not realistic! That, my friends, is called conditioning! To a child, even an adolescent, words like these amputate the creative spirit that is at the heart of their development and evolution.

I recall as a child, I naturally believed that dreams were possible. It felt natural to dream! As we get thrown on the converter belt of society, we slowly disconnect from that inner being that sees life as a place of endless possibilities. This conditioning happens gradually; so we actually believe this way of thinking and feeling is natural. We end up playing it safe and the result is that over time we feel disconnected from life. The next time you are out and about, watch a child interact with the world around him for ten minutes and then do the same with an adult. Then notice the aliveness between the two. Underneath our beliefs, thoughts and feelings, there is pure awareness. To access pure awareness, the mind must first become quiet. When you begin to access this awareness, life gets more and more clear. You start trusting life and realize that events in your life are not random. Everything is information acting as a messenger. Your aches and pains, the relationships you attract and the emotions you feel. They serve as information so you can expand your present reality and experience a more authentic version of yourself.

To show you that life is always supporting us, I will ask you to go back in time, say one hundred years back. You are in the year 1916, you have seen the future and you know how it will be. Imagine telling people about the future! How do you think they will perceive you? History shows us that many of the today’s realities like air travel were once perceived as impossible, yet we believe this fact is irrelevant to our lives today.


The reason might very well be our conditioning. We simply see ourselves as a body and we are conditioned to fear life instead of embrace it and truly live it. So how do you live an empowered life where you follow your passion and dreams? Start by asking yourself what do you believe your life is about? I don’t mean what you have been told, it is more like an intuitive feeling you have about your existence. Faith is simply a belief that there is a higher intelligence always supporting you. Every function that is keeping you alive is happening due to this invisible life force. When you let go of old patterns of functioning and learn to truly listen to the voice within you, you will notice that there are no accidents in life.

There is only feedback and the more aware you become, the greater your possibility to interpret and influence this amazing experience I call Life!

Sharing openly without fear,